About the Impact Unit

This online evaluation platform is a service of the Impact Unit, a project by Wissenschaft im Dialog funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The Impact Unit has developed this evaluation platform to promote meaningful evaluation in science communication. The evaluation platform is available in German and free of charge to all science communication practitioners. On the evaluation platform users are guided through the process of conducting a survey for science communication evaluation: from the design of questionnaires and the collection of data to descriptive analyses of the data. In order to support users in the creation of insightful surveys, the evaluation platform offers users access to a catalogue of survey questions. These are specifically designed for data collections focusing on the perspectives of citizens who take part in science communication activities. Based on a projects’ goals and the choice of survey design, questions and items for their specific survey are recommended to the users. These can be edited by the users who can also enter their own questions. The evaluation platform, thus ,not only allows for an easy survey design but also for the use of appropriate questions.

For more information about the Impact Unit, feel free to visit our website where we also provide English language tools and analysis reports regarding evaluation of science communication.